Convention display
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Over the top Entry  piece Cymbidium Orchids in a low  massive colorful centerpiece
Beautiful  Roses in white gloss cylinder vase and orchids  for your banque dinners  centerpieces. 
Centerpieces and Flowers for your Las Vegas Convention, Corporate Dinner, Trade show and Special Events
Trade show centerpiece, convention flowers, plant rentals,

Contemporary Mini  Calla Lilies displayed inside tradeshow display.
Pretty purple hydrangeas, the perfect small size for convention display.
An Eco friendly bamboo box on display with Irish moss.
Flowers: Long stem calla lilies, hydrangea and cymbidium orchid in chrome vase. Set 350.00
Flowers for Events in Las Vegas
Cobra Lilies in a vase of Peruvian lilies, a bright summer mix, shown at 125.00
Fall colored flower centerpiece for Banquet dinner . Flower are Roses, orchids, berries and grasses from $165.00
Grand Event dinner centerpiece, fall colored flower centerpiece, Fall centerpiece, low lush couture centerpiece our most pirated. Email us where you find it! image on other sites!
Tall and simple calla lilies with pincushion protea as texture. $95.00
Stunning fall entry piece, orchids, roses, lilies and sunflowers, from $200.00 
Centerpieces, roses, flowers, trade show flowers, convention display, exhibit decor
JCK Las Vegas
Vibrant two tone Circus roses for a  sleek display of pave style from $100.00
Event flowers at JCK Convention
Premium flowers for your convention booth in Las Vegas

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FLowers for Events, Wedding Flower Centerpiece
Grand Event dinner centerpiece, fall colored flower centerpiece, Fall centerpiece, low lush couture centerpiece our second most pirated. Email us where you find it! image on other sites!
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Floating cymbidium orchids
Floating cymbidium orchids
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Fabulous Cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, roses, trade show display, classic hydrangeas
Flowers for Product Launch, premium orange roses in sleek black cylinder vase.From $250.00 
A stunning centerpiece, hydrangeas, mini calla lilies, protea
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Event flowers, event centerpieces, fall centerpiece, corporate dinner flowers, lilies, calla lilies. Our second most pirated image! image
Couture centerpiece, fall colored flowers, Gala centerpiece, fall fabulous flower arrangement, convention dinner centerpiece
Corporate Dinner Entry flowers, clear cylinder of orchids, in a base of roses and fall textures. 
Grand cylinders of  Dutch grown hydrangeas, 
a welcome for Entry or Counter displays.
A beautiful mix for display decor, mini calla lilies, rose, with hyrpericum berry and lime green cymbdium orchids, shown at $150.00. Call for all sizes. 
Perfect on a small counter, takes up very little convention counter space. Bright two toned bombay dendrobium orchids, variegated aspidistra leaves in a curly willow armature. From $125.00

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Stunning display flowers floral centerpiece, hydrangea, protea, mini calla
lilies in a leaf wrapped clear cube. Starts at $175.00
Rustic Couture, majestic red mini calla lilies, red
ti leaves, green dianthus, with red hypericum berries, passon red roses, with variegated green 
aspidistra leave, in a rustic wooden box as vase.  Très magnifique!
Modern cube centerpieces, trade show decor, exhibit displays,
Small centerpieces, centerpieces for Events and parties, convention space flower decor, exhibit decor
Spring color flowers for centerpiece
Perfect centerpiece for small tables of 6 or less, a clear cube with Green Hydrangea, white roes, mini calla lilies, green grapes and draping amaranthus from $125.00 each
Elegant Registration display all premium  flowers: Tall Equisedium, calla liles and Cymbidium orchids in a low vase from $225.00. 
A Modern cube with green Cymbidium orchids, textured green Dianthus, and red roses. From $100.00
Fun little flowers for high boy tables. Flowers are green cymbidium orchids with lily grass and a modern touch of aluminum decorative wire. 
Premium flowers for JCK Las Vegas
JCK Show Las Vegas
Premium flowers for JCK Las Vegas
Mango calla lilies and orange orchids from $200.00
Custom succulent display