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Blooming Plant, A Classic and clean design. A single stem of a beautiful potted orchid plant. Available colors are white or lavender, from $95.00
Blooming orchids rentals for exhibit displays, trade show booth decor, convention display decor.
Big Impact | Small footprint. Premium Plants Rentals for Las Vegas Trade shows, Exhibit booths, convention display decor. Our plants enhance your Brand Image.
Stylish custom flower and plant floral design on display in Las Vegas Convention.
Small floor plant Draceana plant from 24 to  36 inches tall
Live plants benefit your space, our plants make you look better.

Most people associate interior plants as just another way to decorate, but they can be life-saving.  Research conducted by NASA in conjunction with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America found that several common house plants detoxify household chemicals.  Dr. Bill Wolverton, retired senior scientist at NASA, found that the most effective plants for removing formaldehyde were philodendron, spider plant and golden pothos.   Bamboo palm, peace lily, ficus, dracaena messengeana cane, and a desert favorite sanseveria were also effective in removing a number of pollutants.
Dr. Wolverton found that virtually every part of the plant participated in the clean-up process -- the leaves, roots and soil bacteria.

Mixed succulents and green hydrangea wrapped with Kiwi vine and trailing Italian ruscus premium greenery.
Lush and dense 8 inch pot, Golden pothos plant from $65.00, add a custom container to set your booth apart.
Terrariums for your trade show booth in Las Vegas.  Premium displays for your brand. E-mail us today.
Plant rentals, flower rentals, convention plant rentals, Exhibit display for convention Las Vegas
Our  plants look better, so you look better. Small and compact plants for a premium look to your trade show booth in Las Vegas.
Floor plant rental, Parlor Palm  to 36 inches tall from $90.00
Ficus plant, multi stem from, 6 inches to 32 inches in height, for trade show decor, exhibit display and convention areas. 
Custom living garden in glass terrarium, in 9 inch tall glass vase.  
#Livingplants  A double white waterfall Phalaenopsis Orchid plant in a square neutral bamboo vase, finished with polished river stones. ~Breathtaking~ 
A Las Vegas favorite. Sanserveria adds a modern look to your trade show booth. Perfect for that corner, e-mai to find out more.
Terrarium | Big Impact Small Footprint
Custom floral and plant displays for your premium branded tradeshow in Las Vegas.  Air plants and succulents available, call today.
Show Plants, assorted succulents to make your trade show booth display always fresh.
Sleek designs, with Agave and Jade create interest for your Las Vegas Trade Show, contact us today.
Plant Rentals convention trade shows Las Vegas
Set of three assorted succulents in 5 inch brushed metal cubes, finished with black polished river stones, the perfect little show plant. Set of three from $90.00
White ceramics 7 inches tall with jade plants, our plants look better and last longer.
Sleek 8 inch tall modern compotes, with Jade and Agave, finished in white gravel. Perfect for run of show.
Petite terrariums 4 inches x 4 inches. 
Custom Air Plant garden Tillandsia Xerographica, based in bamboo vase, a renewal resource and flat copper wire. Completed design is 10 inches wide  x 8 inches tall.
Approved EAC at Las Vegas Convention Center
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Aria Convention Center
Orleans Arena
Rio Hotel 
Sands Expo Venetian Convention Center

Big Imapact | Small footprint. Custom succulent plant rental from $100.00
Succulent garden and Plant rentals enhance your trade show booth at AFWS at Las Vegas Convention Center
Our Succulent gardens look better and last longer at your Las Vegas Convention displayooth at AFWS at Las Vegas Convention Center
Our Succulent gardens look better and last longer at your Las Vegas Convention displayooth at AFWS at Las Vegas Convention Center
In Las Vegas, Premium  Flowers for your Convention display. E-mail us now.
Custom succulent garden plant rental, 3 sizes available, call for trade show options.

Convention Expo Plants in Las Vegas, Succulents, Air Plants. One of a kind trade show plants to match your brand. Our plants look better, and make you look better
Modern. Sleek.  Stylish. Succulent Sanserveria plant to 24 inches  finished with gray Spanish moss.
Tropical ZZ plant,to 24 inches by special order. email for details. 
Blooming Plants
?Big Impact Smal footprint | In Las Vegas, Premium  Terrariums and plants for your Convention display. E-mail us now.
Big Impact Small footprint. Our plants enhance your trade show booth.
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Blooming plants: Colorful Bromeliads 
Blooming Plants for Las Vegas Trade Show | #Ourplantslookbetter
Schefflera Arboricola Big Impact | Small footprint 24 to 36 inches in height.